Deirdre Robb


Deirdre Robb is an award-winning artist whose multi-disciplinary approach includes installation, painting and sculpture. Her work is conceptually based which relates to social, cultural and political events. Robb’s work has been exhibited throughout Ireland, Britain, Europe, USA and Australia and she has an extensive range of experience in the visual arts. As a practitioner she has an extensive CV of exhibitions and has delivered significant public and private commissions, curated exhibitions and coordinated national and international projects and exchange programmes including the renowned ‘Art in the Eastside' public art project.

She is a founder member and former Chairperson of Creative Exchange Artist Studios and former Director of The Engine Room Gallery. Past awards include a Millennium Fellowship, Arts & Humanities Scholarships, Tyrone Guthrie Award and Arts Council of Ireland Awards.

Recent work provides a visual account of the emotional and physical changes experienced during the female menopause and the degrees of change they go through from birth to death. By concentrating on the menopausal aspects of a woman’s body, I am highlighting the emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms cussed by the separation of estrogen from the body. Through this work I want to encourage dialogue about this taboo subject, to make it more open in society, and o challenge this emotional journey that women often go through in isolation

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Art in the Eastside 2013 Submitted artwork
'Super Guerilla Knitters'


Deirdre Robb