Heather Dornan Wilson

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Heather Wilson lives and works in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

After completing her B.Ed. in Dramatic Art with English, she went on to teach in primary education for five years.

From1998 - 2006, she attended the School of Art and Design, University of Ulster, Belfast, completing her foundation year, a B.A. in Fine and Applied Art, and a Masters of Applied Art.

Heather creates projections and object-based installation, wall mounted works and small-scale sculptural objects. Her work combines quality craftsmanship and aesthetics with a highly conceptual approach, often belying the perceptions and blurring the labels that are set up between fine and applied art. She is able to incorporate a diverse range of materials in her work, from glass to metal, porcelain, textiles, and print to photography. Through each of these mediums, she is able to bring her own unique voice allowing the material to give expression to what she wants to communicate.

Her recent work has explored the relationship between objects, lighting and space, with a focus on the installation of work. This approach helps to create unique and unusual outcomes, which are ideal for exhibition in architectural and gallery spaces.