Ray Duncan

Art in the Eastside 2013 submitted artwork
 'Pennant for Peace'

Ray Duncan





Throughout his artistic career Ray has produced abstraction, landscape and figurative work. He has contributed both as a group and solo exhibitor, mainly in N Ireland but has had his work shown in various galleries in Ireland and further afield in London and New York. Among his better known exhibitions, Arrivals and Departures (1998), The Summer of 98 (2000) and High Windows and Bandaged Skies (2003) have marked Ray Duncan as one of Belfast’s leading contemporary artists. Ray has returned to one of his earliest concerns as a painter, the abandonment of recognisable subject matter in favour of abstraction.

Exploring the matters of shape and colour sensations his work creates atmosphere that will allow viewers to personally engage with the work. Some of the canvases are sufficiently large at eight feet by six feet that the idea of looking at a view of the world contained in a frame begins to disappear. It is the viewer who enters the world of the painting and something of a transcendental journey can take place.